Demystifying the Credentialing Process

Demystifying the Credentialing Process - Innet Credentialling

Credentialing is a confusing and often difficult process. Whether you choose to credential by yourself or with a specialist, there are three main phases that you will encounter as you try and get credentialed. Application Aggregation The very first phase of your credentialing journey starts with creating your application. There are a handful of forms, applications, and licenses you will … Read More

Group vs. Individual Credentialing: What’s The Difference?

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Insurance Credentialing is one of the most complex parts of starting or growing a practice. Luckily there are two viable options for credentialing your practice based on your needs. You can credential your practitioners as individuals or you can credential your whole practice as a group. Both options require a similar application process and end with your practice getting credentialed. … Read More

The Role of Provider Enrollment in the Revenue Cycle

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Provider enrollment is the process practitioners and practices take to become providers of specific healthcare plans. By taking this step of getting credentialed, practitioners are opening up the availability of their services to a variety of new customers while regulating which insurances and programs can be covered. While provider enrollment is a fairly new process, taking the time to get … Read More