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How Does Credentialing with InNet Work?

1. Create Your Profile

Our InNet credentialing specialists will help you gather the information needed to create to quickly and accurately submit enrollment applications.

2. Pick Your Panels

InNet will then work with you to select the insurance panels you’d like to apply to. We then prepare and submit insurance applications on your behalf.

3. Get In Network

InNet will submit to insurance carriers, follow up to ensure proper handling, and work with panels through the appeals process so you get in network.

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Note the final determination of acceptance is a decision made by the insurance panel and not InNet.

Why Choose InNet as your Credentialing Specialist?

Save Money

Cost shouldn’t keep you from getting credentialed with as many insurance panels you want. That’s why we offer a fixed, monthly cost for as many applications as you’d wish to submit.

Less Hassle

Each insurance panel uses their own set of provider enrollment requirements and applications. With InNet, you provide the information once and we handle the rest.

Expert Help

With years of credentialing experience, the InNet team knows what panels are looking for. We will pull you out of the credentialing clutter and onto solid ground.

Save Time

Credentialing panels have 6 months to decide to accept you—6 months! Our streamlined service gets applications to insurance panels quickly so a faster decision can be made.