Credentialing Services

Filling out applications and following through with insurance companies can be time consuming! Between the paperwork and the follow up, credentialing applications can take a toll on your time and patience, and ultimately, your practice. It doesn’t have to be that way; it’s worth it to have InNet do it for you.

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Conventional Pricing Models for Credentialing Services

There are three standard models you may come across while looking for credentialing services. There are advantages to each model, but all accomplish the same thing – submitting applications in your behalf.

Per Application Model


You pay a flat fee in exchange for one submitted application. This fee usually requires a minimum number of applications per client. The payment is due up-front which requires a large, upfront expense.

Hourly Model


The credentialing service company bills you for the hours spent working on your behalf. These hourly programs require you to pay for a block of hours up front, and you will be billed for additional hours at the predetermined rate.

Large Upfront Costs

Unforeseen ‘Additional Hours’ Costs

The InNet Difference

The monthly model is unique to our services. It allows providers to apply to an unlimited number of panels for a low cost. It’s easy to know how much you’re going to pay each month so you can budget accordingly.

Monthly Model


Costs are Low & Predictable

Our monthly program is designed to be a low cost option for practices and providers looking to save money while still maximizing the number of panels to which they can apply. You won’t spend your time filling out applications, applying to panels, and following up to see status – we’ll do that for you!

Grow your practice while keeping costs low and manageable.

Below is a sample cost comparison which compares the three standard pricing models in the industry. This comparison is based on 6 applications.

Per Application Model
(at $200/application)

Hourly Model
(at $50/hour)

InNet’s Premium Monthly Model
(at $299/month)

# of Applications

Average Cost per Application

Average Hours per Application

Average Months Until Complete




Not Applicable


10 Applications x $200


Not Applicable



10 Applications x (5 hours x $50)


Not Applicable

Not Applicable


6 Months x $299

Your Cost for 10 Submitted Applications
*Unlimited Applications*

Our Credentialing Services

We offer full credentialing and provider enrollment services categorized in two different tiers:


Tier 1
Active Submission Status


Tier 2
Provider Maintenance Status

  • Initial provider setup
  • Create a central Provider
  • Document Depository
  • Complete applications and submit to insurance panels
  • Follow up with insurance companies to determine application status
  • Notification of application decision
  • Appeals or resubmissions
  • Inform providers of open insurance panels
  • Alert providers of upcoming expiration of license
  • Alert providers of upcoming expiration of insurance
  • Maintain provider’s CAQH
  • Practice address updates
  • Report on industry trends

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