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Our greatest source of pride is the positive impact we have on practices, clinics, and lives of countless medical professionals. Take a look at the journeys we’ve embarked upon with clients in the past, and what they think of the results from their partnership with InNet.

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Vicky Westmoreland LASUDC, CMHC, EDDCP

Director of Clinical Services

“InNet streamlines the credentialing process, maintains our staff credentials and this saves clinical and administrative time for us.”

As a smaller clinic of 20 clinicians, the Family Counseling Center faced limited options for credentialing. For years, Vicky Westmoreland and Family Counseling Center team had the individual clinicians panel themselves independently. This created a multitude of problems at the agency and referral level for Westmoreland and the clinic. Furthermore, the insurance websites were out-of-date, making aligning clients with the properly paneled clinician and submission of clean billing an ongoing issue.

Westmoreland knew she had to address the issue that was costing time and money, spurring client frustration, and squandering efficient use of managerial resources. With a modest budget, the majority of credentialing options were out of range for Westmoreland, forcing the clinic to choose between adding more clinicians or be paneled with fewer insurances.

Then, Westmoreland and the Family Counseling Center found InNet. We worked closely with Westmoreland to ensure we were meeting her individualized needs and budget constraints. “Having InNet’s team of specialists do our credentialing allows our clinicians to focus on being effective therapists, allows management and billing staff to focus on their areas of expertise to improve agency processes and outcomes,” Westmoreland said.

The Family Counseling Center is now able to spend its time focusing on clients’ care and improving the agency outcomes. Westmoreland and her team are no longer burdened with learning and managing the complicated world of provider enrollment. Now, InNet streamlines the credentialing process, maintains the staff credentials, and saves clinical and administrative time for the Family Counseling Center.

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Danielle Kepler, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Therapist

“I am very satisfied with the work that they did for me! I have recommended InNet to others!”

After years at a group practice, Licensed Clinical Therapist Danielle Kepler planned to open the doors of her own solo practice on May 1, 2015. Kepler was in the thralls of location, staffing, and countless other administrative tasks that accompany opening a new practice. At the group practice, Kepler knew that she was included under numerous insurance panels, but under the umbrella of the group practice. Furthermore, the group practice was opaque and unclear of the credentialing process it carried out for each of the practices’ practitioners. This left Kepler feeling confused and unsure of where to begin for her new practice.

Enter the InNet team. We worked closely with Kepler to identify the panels under which she was already credentialed with the group practice. In these cases, the credentialing process deviates from its normal path. Here, credentialing needs to be transferred instead of established. Kepler and the InNet team determined on which panels she wanted to remain, while identifying new panels that would benefit her new practice if she was accepted. In the months leading up to the May 1st opening date, InNet transformed a process that was once shrouded in secrecy at Kepler’s group practice, into a transparent and navigable journey.

InNet is proud to have played a role in the success Kepler experienced with her brand new practice. Less than one year after Kepler opened the doors, she is completely booked with patients for months into the future. Kepler credits this completely to the insurance panels InNet helped her join.

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