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The Credentialing Process: Explained eBook

In this free eBook, we break down the oftentimes confusing, opaque, and intimidating process of provider enrollment. If you’ve ever felt befuddled by the steps in getting on insurance panels, this guide is for you!

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Free eBook - The Credentialing Process Explained

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Our aim when creating this eBook, The Credentialing Process: Explained, was to make it comprehensive, while still being easy to understand. Accordingly, within the 10-page guide, you’ll find:

  • The basics for understanding what provider enrollment means.
  • Timespans and breakdowns of activities in each of the three phases of the credentialing process overall. Including:
    • Application aggregation and research
    • Submitting and shepherding credentialing forms
    • Contracting
  • Two options for easing your provider enrollment journey.

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